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  • A Biblical Perspective on Anger Management

    I routinely field phone calls from individuals looking for court mandated anger management programs and my answer is always the same–I don’t do them.  Why?  Because they don’t work!  Managing anger is not a Biblical approach.  The Bible calls anger sin.  Therefore reducing the frequency …

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  • 5 Reasons You Need Premarital Counseling

    One of the most common myths I see in couples planning for marriage is the assumption that they possess an innate knowledge of how to be married.  Unfortunately, many of these couples soon learn that joining two individuals into “one flesh” is not as easy …

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  • Accepting Responsibility

    Post written by Ron Cook. “It’s not my fault!”  How many times have you uttered those words today?  This week?  This month?  This year?  A few years ago I was reading a book and ran across the idea of “blame-shifting.”  Blame shifting is nothing more …

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  • Building One Another Up

    Several years ago I read a research study on a child’s need for affirmation.  The study’s intent was to compare  the ratio of affirmation with the amount of criticism that a child receives from a parent as a predictor of “healthy” outcomes.  The results were …

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  • Social Media, Pornography, & Parenting Part 3

    Post written by Ron Cook PORNOGRAPHY Is Pornography Really a Problem for Kids? Consider these statistics: The internet has surpassed TV as the media of choice for kids. NBC recently reported that 50% of access to the internet is now on mobile devices. 43% of …

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  • Social Media, Pornography, & Parenting Part 2

    Post written by Ron Cook CYBER AND VIDEO GAME ADDICTION What is Cyber Addiction and Video Game Addiction? Cyber addiction takes many forms: Video Game Addiction Cybersex Addiction—Includes pornography, adult chat rooms, etc. Compulsive Behaviors Online Gambling Stock Trading Online Shopping “Checking” Behaviors—habitually checking social …

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  • Social Media, Pornography, & Parenting Part 1

    Post written by Ron Cook SOCIAL MEDIA How has the world of social media changed since the year 2000? In 2000 the average American spent 2.7 hours per week online; in 2012 the average American spent 18 hours per week online. In 2000 Facebook didn’t …

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  • Drawing From the Well Daily

      Guess what. . . life is full of problems!  I know that may come as a shock to you but it bears repeating. . .life is FULL of problems!  Everyone who has ever lived has had problems of some sort; health problems, relationship problems, …

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