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Marriage Counseling

Marriage not meeting your expectations? Here’s how we can help!

Marriage counseling

Marriage Enrichment

One of the most common mistakes made by couples who are considering marriage is believing that they inherently know how to be married. Unfortunately, we are created with a sin nature which makes it much easier to be selfish than it is to be selfless. One of the healthiest steps a couple can take is to regularly seek the wisdom of others as their relationship evolves. We recommend that every couple agree to read at least one good book on marriage each year and attend at least one good marriage seminar or retreat each year. In addition, seeking the input of a counselor can further shore up the marital relationship and help to prevent marital drift. If you would like to learn new ways to improve your communication, financial management, parenting, or any other aspect of your marriage give us a call today.

Crisis Intervention

Crises come in many forms. For many couples childbearing may be a crisis as they deal with difficult pregnancies, childrearing, or even the loss of a child. Crisis can also occur with career changes. For some couples a move or the addition of extended family to the household may cause stress. The list can go on and on. However, all of these situations can lead to one of two things: 1) they can draw the married couple closer together, or 2) they can drive the couple away from each other. Don’t let the crises of life destroy your relationship. Speak to a counselor today to discover ways to protect your relationship even in times of crisis.

Affair Recovery

Although it could fall under the category of crisis, extra-marital affairs deserve a category of their own. Currently our office sees more cases involving extra-marital affairs than any other singe issue. A problem that has been smoldering for a long time has evolved into a roaring wildfire with the accessibility of internet pornography and social networking. It has become very easy to locate other people with whom to establish both emotional and sexual relationships. Many people choose to divorce after an affair and the Bible certainly allows for this. However, it does not command it. In fact, the Bible includes an entire book (Hosea) that tells the story of a man who redeems his wife after her sin, much the same way Christ redeems us. If an affair has affected your marriage call us today and learn the steps you need to take to get on the road to recovery.