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Missionary Care

Missionary CounselingPart of our mission at Abundant Life is Serving Those Who Serve Others. We believe that in order to fulfill the Great Commission we must equip missionaries to endure the rigorous challenges of missionary life. To this end we offer the following services:

  • Miissionaries currently residing in or visiting the Southwest Florida region may receive individual, marriage, or family counseling at our local office.
  • Missionaries who are unable to come to our local office may receive counseling vis video-conferencing.
  • For those currently serving in other parts of the world we are available to come to your location for a pre-determined period of time. Details must be arranged between our office and your mission sending agency.
  • For those attending mission conferences with us we will be available to provide services on-site during the regular hours of the conference.

For more information or to schedule services please contact our office at (239) 277-1506.

For more information on world missions please visit the following organizations:

Faith Missions International

International Mission Board of the SBC

Reciprocal Ministries International

Missionary Ventures