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  • 5 Reasons You Need Premarital Counseling

    One of the most common myths I see in couples planning for marriage is the assumption that they possess an innate knowledge of how to be married.  Unfortunately, many of these couples soon learn that joining two individuals into “one flesh” is not as easy …

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  • Accepting Responsibility

    Post written by Ron Cook. “It’s not my fault!”  How many times have you uttered those words today?  This week?  This month?  This year?  A few years ago I was reading a book and ran across the idea of “blame-shifting.”  Blame shifting is nothing more …

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  • Honey… we need to talk!

    Honey, we need to talk.  Those may be the most dreadful words a man ever hears from his wife.  When couples seek counseling they usually have plenty to talk about.  However, counselors are trained to look beyond those things that people complain about to try …

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